About Us

Established in 1999, EGI's Marion Ohio facility assembles brake modules for prominent automotive manufacturer, Honda. Keeping with EGI's vision, Marion's processes are engineered to prevent the passing of defects onto the next level. Marion utilizes a multi-layered quality assurance program which incorporates validation & verification check points that constantly monitor the flow of information during the entire cycle of product assembly. In addition, our visual management system organizes work flow output and provides real-time analytic's on current floor production. Lot traceability on all component parts helps us identify any potential abnormalities within each part and provides operator identification - for total production line accountability. Our use of robotic assisted assembly helps limit time and duration spent on labor intensive sections and increase production rate. The implementation of these newer technologies and processes has not only helped reduce ergonomic risks, but also increase efficiency and accuracy.

However, Marion's commitment to producing the highest quality parts starts with our investment in the highest quality people. Marion deploys a rigorous hands on training program that prepares new employees for successful stewardship. Marion empowers associates to make positive organizational and process changes that bring about not only improved ways of doing things, but also a sense of pride and ownership. Through hands on focus-groups and numerous floor projects, engineers are working alongside associates to develop better ways to reduce waste and implement new processes. 


Honda has recognized Marion Industries with multiple awards for excellence in quality, delivery, and customer value. 


When it comes to automotive assembly and production, EGI continuously improves processes and standards to meet and exceed customer expectations.